Choose the Best Wood Flooring Companies in UAE for your space


Get best quality Wood Flooring Companies in UAE from Hillswood Designs at reasonable prices. Based in UAE, we are today one of the most professional and experienced hardwood flooring experts in the region, providing full-service flooring, interior and urban design floors that are long-lasting, easy-to-maintain, quality-finished and excellent-designed wood flooring solutions.

Why engineered wood floorings from Hillswood Designs?

Our designs are made in UAE, they look beautiful with much lesser maintenance-worry and more durability.

Our wood flooring come with greater stability. And perfect for UAE weather.

At Hillswood designs, we create wood floorings that are exceptionally strong and long-lasting finish. Whether you are looking for wood flooring for residential or commercial properties, engineered hardwood are great choice to enhance environment and lifestyles, and to challenge conventions.

Hillswood designs offer easy installation flooring services like click system boards, which makes fitting your wooden floor easy without any hassle.

Our flooring price is reasonable that cater for your budget.

What’s more. Our wood flooring products are natural finished keeping in mind utmost care and low maintenance. They are available in an array of colors, and finest finishing with WOCA wood treatment solutions.

Parquet wood floorings are great way to style your space, at Hillswood designs we offer Chevron, Designed and Herring bone patterns with a choice customized shades, styles, textures and finishes

We take pride being a company that provides custom-made floors, designed and manufactured in UAE.

At Hillswood designs, we keep customer and quality of our products at the heart of our practices. We are committed to deliver highest quality engineered hardwood floors to our customers. If you looking for top quality engineered wood flooringsend us request for free samples or visit our website to download Hillswood designs Wood Flooring catalogue today. We also offer free consultation of flooring options for your space.

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