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Equipped with craftsmanship, we had a wide range of parquet flooring – all designed and manufactured in UAE.  Call us at +971 6 539 1039 to book a visit to our Parquet Flooring Workshop or to book a consultation. 

As a leading wood flooring supplier to the clients in Dubai and other parts of the region, at Hillswood Designs, we are committed to provide high quality parquet wood flooring with an array of colours and styles, so that you can have best-suited options of flooring designs to choose from.

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Best Parquet Flooring in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE

Hillswood Designs parquet flooring comes in a variety of patterns with a choice customized shades, styles, textures and finishes, meeting your needs. The parquet made up from individual wooden planks and blocks in UAE, we provide Chevron, Designed and Herring Bone flooring services for beautiful floors of your homes as well as we have best deals for our business customers.


Herringbone and Chevron Parquet Flooring in UAE

In UAE, two main types of traditional parquet wood flooring are the herring bone and chevron parquet engineered wood floors. At parquet flooring Dubai installation and suppliers, our parquet floors designed and manufactured for stability and sustainability. Modern designs parquet flooring meaning can be explained with the core difference between these two popular wood-flooring patterns, which is the zigzag. In case of chevron the patterns are in continuous zigzag design whereas in the herring bone pattern has a broken zigzag design.

  • With herring bone, the pieces are cut in perfect rectangles and then staggered a bit so that the end of one plank meets the side of another – broken zigzag design. With chevron parquetry flooring,the pattern has continuous clean zigzag designs like the letter ‘V’ on repeat.
  • Herring bone has a straight 90-degree edge whereas chevron blocks have a 45-degree angle on the edge in a staggered zigzag pattern; the edges are squared – allowing you to create two completely different effects that equally look stunning.
  • Chevron wood pattern is cut at an angle and fitted in a way that creates a point like V shape. Whereas, in a herring bone pattern, the wooden planks are not cut but the square end of one plank is fixed with the adjoining plank end.

Hillswood Designs Parquet floors manufactured and designed with consistent dimensions to meet your specifications and match any interior design. Parquet flooring fixing in Dubai can be installed in several configurations.

Are you going to buy from best parquet flooring company and supplier in Dubai? We are the parquet flooring supplier in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & UAE, offering best deals of Chevron, Designed and Herring bone floors – thus – we have all covered in parquet floor design in UAE.


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