Wooden Flooring (Indoor and Outdoor)

Retain Floor ‘Look & Feel’ for Years

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Hillswood Design takes great pride in providing an extensive after-care program for all your wood products, flooring, wall cladding, indoor and outdoor.

Our certified and specialist in-house maintenance team will take care of your existing flooring covering full cleaning, & maintenance services and products.

Call our consultant to discuss style, preferences and space, budget as well as to show you physical samples in our showroom.

Floors we maintain

BRUSHED AND OILED – We use steel brushes in the direction of the grain, which opens up the surface of the wood and removes splinters. The wood is then oiled.

BUFFING – With Buffing, usually takes about one day, we use stand up floor buffer. The outcome is spectacular as long as the floor hasn’t had any waxes or synthetic cleaners.

REFINISHING – Sanding the finish off old wood floors & smoothing them out.

FLOOR SANDING – Our Floor Sanding process helps renew the appearance of older floors by using finer grades of sandpaper. It also eliminates visible scratches from coarser sandpaper grades.

Residential and Commercial




Refurbishment & Maintenance Projects


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