3 more things to check when installing wood flooring Dubai at your house or business premises in Dubai


In the first part, we wrote about 3 things that you can check with the wood flooring technicians installing wooden flooring at your house or business premises in Dubai so that you can get the best wooden floor for the bucks you spending. Now, let us discuss 3 more things that you can proactively look into in spite of being a novice, so as to ensure proper installation of wooden planks at your home or company office in Dubai.

1. Preparing the property –

It’s common knowledge that the height of the building is dependant on the depth of the foundation. Similarly, the longevity and beauty of the wooden floors at your home or company office in Dubai depends on how clean and neatly levelled the under floor is on which the wooden tiles will be set.

That’s why, when you buy wooden tiles from wood flooring companies in Dubai like Hillswood Designs, it is essential to ask their wood flooring experts what kind of underfloor will be needed and how it should be; so that, when the time comes to install wood flooring at your house or business premises, you can ensure that the installers do aa good job on the underfloor so that the wooden tiles get a good base to fit over and thus, give your residential or commercial property in Dubai a stable and levelled foundation.

2. Understand the installation process –

Before the wood flooring experts start installing wooden tiles at your Dubai property, whether residential or commercial, it is necessary that you ask questions about how they are going to install the wooden floor. By doing so, you can understand what they will be doing and spot problems as owner of the property that the wood flooring technicians may not be aware of e.g. if they are using nails to hammer in the wooden planks, you can tell them to stop in the afternoon so as not to disturb the neighbours’ nap time.

This is just one simple example but there can be some complex issues that you can spot and make the installers aware of. Also, when others describe their work, they do so in detail. Thus, when they are installing wooden floor at your house or business premises, you can check if they are doing it like they said or otherwise, remind them to do it as they told you.

3. Finishing touches –

The minor details are what will make your wood flooring to go from looking good to great. And most of them are achieved in the finishing touches. Also, the wood flooring technicians are getting tired towards the end; so, they just want to quickly finish the work and move on to the next one.

Thus, by really staying present at the property and ensuring that the finishing touches are properly applied will ensure that you get a great wooden floor that will be the marvel of your house.

            To conclude, it is not necessary that you be at the mercy of wood flooring technicians who install wooden tiles at your home or office in Dubai just because you have no expert knowledge about it. By being proactive and doing the afore-mentioned things, you can ensure that you get the wooden floor installed at your house or business premises in Dubai that’s worth your money and not have to do with shoddy work. Also, you can get the best people on the job by buying wood flooring from one of the best wood flooring suppliers in Dubai like Hillswood Designs. Their experienced team of professional experts will ensure that you get very proficient service in regards to wood flooring. To know more, go and talk with them; the details can be found in the contact section.

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