Insider secrets of the wood flooring trade that will tell you how and where to buy good wooden flooring in Dubai


In the last part, we discussed 2 of the most basic insider secrets of the wood flooring trade in Dubai that will help you zero down on the most suitable wood flooring ideal for your home or office in Dubai. Here, we discuss additional insider secrets of the wood flooring trade that will help you navigating the problem of how and where to buy good wooden flooring in Dubai. Follow these and chances of success are quite high in terms of buying suitable wooden tiles and installing wooden floor in Dubai ideal to your house or business premises in UAE.

1. Longevity & maintenance costs –

Most of the times, when setting the budget for installing wooden floors in Dubai, people just look at the initial, upfront costs. However, one needs to look at longevity and maintenance costs too. The experienced insiders of the wood flooring trade in Dubai follow the golden rule as follows:-

  The cost of wood flooring is inversely proportional to its longevity and maintenance costs.  

            To clarify the above statement, it means that the costlier the wooden material, the less you will have to pay long term in terms of maintaining and re-installing a new floor e.g. hardwood flooring is considered the costliest type of wood floorings in Dubai; however, it has very simple maintenance that doesn’t cost much and it lasts long well over your lifetime, not to mention it increases the value of both residential and commercial properties in Dubai as it ages along with adding eternal charm to your place, a visceral quality highly sought in interior design but not easily bought.

            In short, if possible, it is highly advised to stretch your budget as far as you can because the long term benefits of wood flooring are mind-bogglingly attractive. However, it is our sincere advice not to overdo loosening your purse strings and set a limit that shouldn’t be crossed.

2. Peculiar demands –

Most of the times, people just assume that the wood flooring salesmen know that their demands are common. But, that’s not the case. That’s why, as we mentioned in the first point of our previous post, it is necessary to jot down your needs and expectations. Now, we say it is essential that you communicate even the slightest uncommon demands that you have or that your property demands.

            To understand this better, let us offer you a few real-life examples that Hillswood Designs’ wood flooring team proficient in consulting and installing wooden floors at houses and business premises in Dubai have faced. Once, a commercial client asked to be guided on wood flooring for lobby but didn’t mention the extremely high foot traffic it faces that was way beyond normal. If your property is in a humid place, then that affects the type of wood flooring suitable to your home or office.

Additionally, having pets and children can also change the installation method and type of wood flooring you should be buying for your home or office in Dubai. Something very small like lack of adequate & consistent sunlight reaching your wooden floor can rule out some types of wood flooring for both residential and commercial properties in Dubai. Hope this clarifies the need to communicate even the smallest of details in the beginning to stop it from becoming a headache later and ensuring the whole process of buying wooden tiles and installing wooden floors goes ahead smooth and hassle-free without any disasters. Following these insider secrets of the wood flooring trade in Dubai to the tee, you can confidently find the most suitable wood flooring that is deal to your home or office in Dubai. To find out a trustworthy wood flooring supplier in Dubai, it is highly recommended that you seek advice and buy wood flooring from Hillswood designs, one of UAE’s trusted wood flooring companies in Dubai. Their experienced team of professional experts have revealed these insider secrets of wood flooring trade to you. Moreover, these proficient wood flooring consultants still have many aces hidden up their sleeve that you can benefit from. To reach out to them, you will find the necessary details on the contact page.

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