7 Things that Make Parquet Flooring Ideal for your Home or Office in Dubai

7 Things that Make Parquet Flooring Ideal for your Home or Office in Dubai

In Dubai, Parquet Flooring often gets misunderstood and ignored by novice home owners or business owners who prefer marble. However, designers not just in UAE but in every country on the earth swear by Parquet Flooring. The main reason behind this is the fact that using the right material is the key to building a beautiful interior aesthetic that can last decades without going out of fashion.

Parquet Flooring in Dubai ticks most of the boxes on being the right material in that regards for homes and offices in UAE. In Dubai, parquet flooring holds a lot of significance in ensuring longevity of the design from the concept and selection stage to the final visual display of any residential or commercial property in UAE.

Parquet Flooring is a type of timber that is known to be aesthetically good-looking and pleasing to touch, resulting in its high popularity amongst interior designers in Dubai. Millennials buying homes in Dubai as well as setting up companies in UAE are attracted by the natural warmth that it subtly imparts to spaces making it the must-have in interior design in the future. If all this hasn’t convinced you to install parquet flooring at your home or office in Dubai so that you can walk on it daily appreciating its look and feel, here are 7 reasons why parquet flooring is ideal for your house or business premises in Dubai.

Never out of style –

Parquet flooring always tends to remain in style as it can easily mingle with many contemporary decor themes as well as future interior design ideas. It gives a classic look to any residential or commercial property in Dubai and the patina it develops as time passes tends to glorify the look of the space more. That’s why, many interior designers in UAE tend to pick parquet flooring if it fits the budget so that they can play around with different decor and interior design themes without having to worry about Wood Flooring looking out of place at homes and companies in Dubai.

Adds the element of texture –

A single colour theme can impart an astounding look to the house. But, it can also, make it look a bit bland and boring. Well, this is where parquet flooring comes to the rescue. It adds the element of texture that makes single colour interior design themes look vivacious and varied. Thus, to add life to your property in UAE, whether residential or commercial, you need to Buy Parquet Flooring in Dubai.

Varied colour palette –

Parquet Flooring in Dubai comes in a variety of colours that can go along with the colour palette you have chosen for the interior design theme of your house. It is indeed, somewhat are to find an interior decor element that offers varied options to choose from so that you can find the ideal colour that suits your interior design theme. In fact, at Hillswood Designs, One Of UAE’s Top Wood Flooring Companies in Dubai, their experienced wood-flooring technicians recommend you to let go of the common types of parquet flooring and build your personalized design in parquet flooring for your Dubai property, whether residential or commercial.

Budget-friendly –

Parquet Flooring is known to be expensive but that is not the truth in its entirety. While there are some types of parquet flooring in Dubai that are expensive, the overall cost of parquet flooring depends on a number of factors like whether it is block or mosaic, type and origin of timber, coverage area, surface treatment etc. And expensive doesn’t automatically translate into being the right fit for your house or business premises in Dubai.

So, if you play your cards right, you can Install Parquet Flooring at your Home or Office in Dubai that is ideally suited to your needs and property but is affordable and within budget because you chose to forego vanity metrics and selected only those attributes necessary to make parquet flooring ideally suitable to your property, whether residential or commercial. To know more, it is advised to talk to parquet flooring experts proficient in such matters like the wood flooring team at Hillswood Designs, one of UAE’s proficient wood flooring suppliers in Dubai.

Better than laminate flooring –

Parquet Flooring and Laminate Flooring look somewhat similar from a distance but when you start using them, the difference is starkly visible even to a novice. So, if you really want your guests or customers at your house or business premises resp. to feel they have entered a quality place, then parquet flooring is the way to go.

Inexpensive maintenance –

Parquet Flooring is known to for its ease of maintenance and inexpensive repair. So, if you install parquet flooring at your home or office in Dubai, then rest assured, you won’t have splurge dirhams in maintaining and repairing it. Thus, when looking for alternatives for parquet flooring, you should not just calculate the initial outlay but the whole cost across the lifetime of the flooring material.

When you do so, you will Find Parquet Flooring in Dubai is indeed affordable due to its ease of maintenance and inexpensive repair costs. You can check out the price of sanding, resealing, polishing and other Wood Flooring Services in Dubai at Hillswood Designs and see for yourself how affordable they are in case you need to use them. Otherwise, all you have to do is stop dust accumulating on them to prevent scratches and use a non-abrasive product compatible with parquet flooring and water to clean.

Eco-friendly –

Sounds bonkers, in know.

How can using wood be an eco-friendly flooring alternative?

Well, the thing is when you buy Parquet Flooring in Dubai, it is usually sourced from a sustainable forest and rarely through rampant deforestation. Otherwise, it has been recycled from destroyed floor boards. This is very eco-friendly when compared to other types of flooring alternatives that use artificial substances and transportation methods that are harmful to nature. So, if you look at the source of parquet flooring in Dubai, you can go check and ascertain yourself how eco-friendly it is.

At Hillswood Designs, UAE’s Most Trusted Wood Flooring Suppliers in Dubai, we ensure that we source wood flooring materials from established brands that indulge in eco-friendly practices e.g. our outdoor decking materials Merbau and IPE are sourced sustainably from forests in Indonesia & South America resp.To know more, it is advisable to talk to our experienced wood flooring technicians at Hillswood Designs, one of UAE’s eco-friendly wood flooring companies in Dubai.

In conclusion, it is now clear how Parquet Flooring is advantageous and suitable to your house or business premises in Dubai and why it would be a wise decision to buy parquet flooring in Dubai to install at your home or office in UAE. However, even if you have some personal queries, then you need not worry.

You can talk to the Experienced Team of Wood Flooring Experts at Hillswood Designs who are proficient in almost all aspects of parquet flooring – especially Chevron, Designed and Herring Bone Flooring Services – in Dubai. They will listen to your needs and then advise you accordingly as to what would be the ideal type of wood flooring, whether parquet or not, to meet your expectations and fulfil your demands within budget along with what sort of problems you might encounter with various trade-offs. So, to get in touch with them, visit our contacts page.

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