5 reasons why parquet flooring is ideal for Restaurant interiors in Dubai

parquet flooring in Dubai

In Dubai, parquet flooring is becoming a hot topic among-st restaurateurs, both owners and guests. The interior design of restaurants gets elevated by installing parquet flooring in Dubai. So, the guests who come to taste the good flood of restaurants also, feel charmed and enchanted by the exquisite decor which provides a chic dining experience. As a result, many restaurants are investing in buying parquet flooring in Dubai for their restaurants. However, some are still on the fence. If you are one of them, here are 5 reasons why parquet flooring in Dubai, is ideal for interior design of restaurants.

Segmentation in space planning –

Space planning is an important feature that all restauranteurs have to undertake. In this regards, parquet flooring can play a very important role. The area where guests are seated and socialist can be installed with parquet flooring. For other spaces like the pathways frequented by servers, etc., one can use a different type of flooring. Thus, it can be prove real helpful in segmentation of spaces in restaurants.

Aesthetic & functionality in open kitchens –

Nowadays, open kitchen has become quite trendy when it comes to upscale restaurants. If not an open kitchen, at least a window is provided for customers to witness the chefs in action when preparing the food they ordered. So, it makes sure that the kitchen looks aesthetic and parquet flooring goes a long way in enhancing the aesthetics of a restaurant kitchen in Dubai. Also, parquet flooring is sturdy and not prone to slippery. So, it provides a firm and safe platform for chefs to do their magic without being concerned about safety.

Decor Theme –

Interior Designers can come up with different decor themes to entice customers into eating at the restaurants. The good thing about parquet flooring is that it can be seamlessly integrated into most decor themes.

Eye-catching Entrance –

There’s a saying that first impressions are the last impressions. This concept is applied in many industries but especially in hospitality industry. So, to give a good first impression of your restaurant, you need to have a bedazzling entrance. To achieve this, ask any interior designer the secret to achieve an eye-popping entrance and to put their mouth where the money is; the answer you will get will include parquet flooring in Dubai restaurants.

Flooring –

Last but not the least; one has to also consider flooring. Flooring is not directly noticeable but helps set the tone of the restaurant in terms of look and feel. Of the endless flooring options for a restaurant, choosing the correct pattern that complements the rest of your décor is vital. Apart from the cosmetics functionally, the flooring should ensure safety and durability.Other things to consider are noise, durability, simple to maintain and replace. In all these factors, parquet flooring comes on top in Dubai.

To conclude, it can be safe to say that in Dubai, parquet flooring and interior design of restaurants are a match made in heaven. Apart from the 5 things to consider mentioned above, there are many more advantages of parquet flooring for restaurant interiors in Dubai. One of the best parquet flooring suppliers in Dubai is Hillswood Designs. They can provide you a variety of options in wood flooring and many, different designs in parquet flooring in Dubai. Thus, if you are looking to buy parquet flooring in Dubai for your home or business ex. restaurants, then do visit Hillswood Designs, the most trusted parquet flooring company in Dubai, UAE.

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